2021+ Acura Tlx 2.0T Sport Exhausts now IN STOCK!

2022+ Honda Civic Sport Exhaust in Stock!!

Our 2022+ Honda Civic Sport Exhaust is in stock and ready to ship!

11th Gen Civic Sport Exhaust

2018+ Honda Accord / 2022+ Honda Civic BBK (Big Brake Kit) in Stock!

Our first BBK (Big Brake Kit) is here! 10th Gen Accord and 11th Gen Civic platforms are now being offered!

10th Gen Accord kits now available. 11th Gen Civic is coming soon!

2018+ Honda Accord BBK / 2022+ Honda Civic BBK

2019+ Acura RDX Front Pipe & Exhaust BothIn Stock !

2018+ Honda Accord Sport Exhaust

Introducing the 10th Gen Accord market's first premium, quality sport exhaust with true dual tips in a polished finish!

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2018+ Honda Accord Front Pipes