Product Release: 2021+ Acura TLX 3.0T Type S Full Sport Exhaust

Official product release of our Function Werk Sport Exhaust. This is the complete Cat-back exhaust system we are bringing to the market.

This Complete exhaust system is compatible on all 2021+ Acura TLX Type S 3.0T V6 (J30AC) engines.

Specs consist of a 3" collector, Y to Dual 2.5" pipe, going into each muffler. Exiting each muffler are true dual, angle cut, offset, polished tips.

Construction consists of pure, lightweight stainless steel with precision welds. Final finish is polished all the way through. Every exhaust comes complete with hardware and gaskets.

Official MSRP for this Complete exhaust will be $2180.00


After meticulously gathering feedback from the community (3" piping - Y section Dual 2.5" piping and quad 4" tips) and going the extra step to provide premium, quality offerings (high quality welds and a polished finish), we hope you consider our exhaust over other options. 

Additional product pictures below.